8 December 2022: invited talk “Optical interconnects for cryogenic applications” at SPIE.PHOTONEX in Birmingham

7 November 2022: invited talk “Challenges and opportunities for PICs in quantum technologies” at the PIC Summit Europe in Eindhoven

20 October 2022: invited talk “Challenges and opportunities in quantum technologies for a low-loss thick SOI platform” at the 4th China-Europe Silicon Photonics Symposium and Course – ePIXfab-European Silicon Photonics Alliance, online

22 September 2022: talk “>500 GHz Bandwidth Graphene Photodetector Enabling Highest-Capacity Plasmonic-to-Plasmonic Links” (Th3B.5) at ECOC 2022 in Basel.

20 September 2022: talk “Plasmonic 100-GHz Electro-Optic Modulators for Cryogenic Applications” (Tu1G.1) at ECOC 2022 in Basel.

19 September 2022: talk “A path towards attojoule cryogenic communication” (Mo4G.3) at ECOC 2022 in Basel.

15 June 2022: talk “An unconventional ultra-low loss silicon photonics platform for quantum technologies” at Quantum 2.0 conference in Boston.

4 May 2022: poster “A thick silicon photonics platform for quantum technologies” at ECIO 2022 in Milan.

25 January 2022: invited paper “Supporting quantum technologies with a micron-scale silicon photonics platform” at Photonics West 2022 (Paper 12004-18). The paper and the live recording of the presentation are available at this link. The manuscript is also available on the arXiv at this link.

26 March 2021: Seminar “attojoule cryogenic communication” as part of Quantum Science & Technology seminar series organized by Quantum Technology Finland. Slides available at this link, video recording available at this link.

6-11 March 2021: the invited paper “aCryComm: attojoule cryogenic communication” (Paper 11692-28) will be available on demand at the virtual Photonics West Conference and Exhibition